Advice Hub for Corporate Finance

No one starts as a financial expert when running a business. Regardless of what industry you’re in, having expert business advice at hand can help immensely, and that’s what we aim to provide here at the Corporate Finance section of the Hillcrest Finance Advice Hub.

Our hub is where you’ll find articles from our team of advisors and business experts who have a keen eye on corporate finance. With so much going on for businesses across the UK right now, it helps to have clear information at hand to guide the decision-making process. We hope that this section has the information you need.

Whether you’re seeking out advice on how to grow capital, or you’re wondering what a typical administration process is like, we have you covered. If there’s a specific business-related topic you can’t find much information on here, contact our team right now. Get in touch today, and we’ll see how our advisors can help.

Cash Flow Problems

Understand your options when the cash flow problems occur.

Does Hillcrest Finance provide corporate finance services?

Yes. There is a range of corporate debt solutions we can help with, namely:

You can view the full range of corporate debt services we provide here.

What areas of corporate finance does the Advice Hub cover?

If you’ve come to the hub for advice on running a business effectively, you’ll be happy to know the topics some of the topics we cover include:

Cash Flow Problems

Whether unexpected or on the horizon, see how you can handle cash flow better.


Closing a Company

Closing up shop can be tricky, so make sure you know what you’re doing


Creditor Pressure

Creditors can make things difficult. We look at how to assuage those issues.



We have guides on what to do when debts are causing problems


Winding Up Petition

When entering compulsory liquidation, you’ll want to know what your options are


HMRC Arrears

Keeping up with HMRC payments can be difficult. Our advice can make it easier.

Looking for practical business advice? Talk to Hillcrest Finance

Call our advisors right on 0141 478 0862 if you’d like to discuss corporate debt solutions. You can also get in touch via our contact page.