Personal Finance

Personal finance affects everyone differently. Luckily, many of the solutions to these problems share a lot in common. Whether you’re wondering if consolidating debt is a good idea in the long-term, or you’re not sure how to shake off persistent debt, the Personal Finance section of the Hillcrest Finance Advice Hub is here to help.

This area of our hub is where you can read articles and gain advice on dealing with the most common (and some unique) personal finance problems.

Our experts are providing in-depth knowledge of dealing with credit and debt straightforwardly.

We hope that you’ll be able to glean some understanding around topics that are all too easy to get confused by, be that how to deal with personal loans or the ways you can stop store credit creeping up on you.

If there’s a specific personal finance topic you need help with, and can’t find any articles on, get in touch with Hillcrest today.

Council Debt

Receive crucial information on the types of action you can take to clear the council debt.

Does Hillcrest Finance provide personal financial services?

Hillcrest Finance specialises in helping you deal with any and personal finance issues. Some of the most common areas we look at include:

If you’re based in Scotland, some of the personal solutions we can help with there include:

You can view the full range of personal debt services we provide here.

What personal finance topics does the Advice Hub cover?

Some of the topics you can get advice on include:


Council Debt

Every council in the UK handles debt differently, but many solutions are on common ground.


Credit Card Debt

Some of the most common debt in the UK, we can provide advice on what can be done.


Debt Consolidation

Pooling debts can provide long-term solutions.


Overall Debt

Lowering overall debt sounds difficult, but we can show you how to take the stress away.


Persistent Debt

Some people don’t realise they’re in persistent debt, and it helps to know how to handle it.


Personal Loan Debt

Personal loans are the easiest to cause problems. Find out how they can be mitigated.


Store Card Debt

Store cards often have some of the highest hidden interest rates. Being able to curb those costs can prove beneficial for personal finances.

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