Corporate Debt

Corporate debt can come in many forms; each having a significant impact if not addressed correctly. Hillcrest Finance can help any business which needs assistance controlling corporate debt, from handling corporate debt management to providing solutions which secure companies in the long-term. Regardless of which debt you have, Hillcrest can help you manage it.

Financial stability for any company can sometimes feel like a juggling act. Whether developing a business from the ground up with credit, or taking on credit to help expand a business, understanding when any debt could be an issue, and the types of corporate debt a business can encounter, helps avoid major issues.

Our advisors only ever provide options and solutions which they know are tailored to your situation, always ensuring that all options are explored before a debt solution is recommended. Whether you’re looking to restructure your company’s debt or aren’t sure what the process for recovering after credit problems looks like, our team of advisors are here to help.

Hillcrest Finance’s corporate debt advisers can help those facing uncertainty with variable corporate debt solutions, from administration to restructuring. Here are the most common corporate debt solutions available in the UK we can assist in, and when a business may need to use them:


Striving to help businesses avoid liquidation, administration aims to employ structures which can see debts get repaid, as well as discover what paths for funding are available.

Business Advisory & Turnaround

Operational challenges needn’t feel so challenging. Our advisors can help analyse business performance, provide advice on where to make improvements, and how to steer the company towards a turnaround or full recovery.

Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA)

Helping a company continue to trade with directors retaining control, a CVA is a medium to long-term solution helping handle company debt, especially when looking at cash flow.

Corporate Insolvency

When a company becomes insolvent, measures need to be taken to ensure the company can trade legally, and that both directors & shareholders are fully aware of the situation.


Sometimes the most rational option when all avenues have been considered, we can advise on the liquidation process and help place liability with the correct parties to avoid problems.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

What can be viewed as a smart option when closing a company down, this form of liquidation would need to ensure that profits are looked after. Using a practitioner who knows what to look out for will help close a company down in a cost-effective manner.

Raising Finance

The landscape for raising finance is changing all the time. Hillcrest Finance can provide advice in this area, especially if your business isn’t well versed in obtaining credit this way.


Protecting a business while keeping clients happy can be difficult. A dedicated team looking at restructuring a business can provide practical solutions without needing to undermine performance.

Time To Pay

Helping businesses which may not have the resources to deal with HMRC, Time To Pay agreements can help businesses which typically find themselves tied up in knots over tax liabilities.

Helping businesses which may not have the resources to deal with HMRC, Time To Pay agreements can help businesses which typically find themselves tied up in knots over tax liabilities.

Get help with proactive corporate debt solutions

No two businesses will face debt in the same way, and unique solutions are often the best way of finding recourse for your company. If you’d like to discuss any of the corporate debt solutions featured on this page, please get in touch with Hillcrest Finance today.

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