Business Advisory

Business advisory services aim to help any business understand their potential in many different ways.

For some, it’s advice on growing a business from the ground up. For others, it’s advice on how to utilise taxes to avoid debts. And for many businesses, business advisory can quickly help you reach goals previously viewed as untenable. At Hillcrest Finance, our team of business advisors are helping companies across the UK with dedicated business advisory solutions.

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Is business advisory a good idea?

For almost all businesses, an advisory service is a good idea. There is a general idea that these services typically involve only looking at boosting profits, but a trusted business advisory analyst will tell you that business advice has to look at overall optimisation throughout a company.

When businesses come to Hillcrest Finance for business advice, they can expect:

  • A team which understands your needs first and foremost
  • Planning which helps everyone understand aims
  • Realistic advisory goals in line with business aims
  • Regular input and a clear strategy
  • Help in planning for the long-term, and not just the immediate future

Our business advisors like to have a proactive approach when meeting new businesses which are looking to make changes.

Understanding risks from business advisory services

Every business needs specific advice, and it helps to know what risks and measures will take. For example, a company considering raising finance or restructuring will need to know what hidden risks lie ahead. Everyone wants company progress to go smoothly, and being able to highlight potential bumps in the road is vital.

Hillcrest’s business advisory services make sure every client is clear to the risk (and rewards) of any major aims.

Business advisory solutions

Any recommendations our advisors provide come after a period of getting to know your business and what your goals are. Only then can we provide business advisory solutions for growth and tackling internal problems.

Some of the common areas we can provide advice on include:

  • Administration
  • Raising Finance
  • Restructuring
  • Managing HMRC debts
  • Company Voluntary Arrangements

You can find more information on how we help companies with a variety of services here.

Will business advisory result in slower processes?

When Hillcrest advisors get to know a business, there is a period of looking at operations and finances with fresh eyes. While it can be slow to start, we always strive to find those areas/ inaccuracies hiding in plain sight.

For example, a thorough audit can help us understand if current processes aren’t effective, or if services your business pays for aren’t worth it. It could be something as simple as the systems used being too splintered, or if current financial models should be improved.

Advantages of business advisory services

Business advice can see a company:

  • Improve costs
  • Improving communication
  • Improving staff engagement
  • Simplifying systems
  • Find better avenues for funding and growth

Disadvantages of business advisory services

A business would want to be considerate of advisory services if:

  • They aren’t sure of the company’s future
  • They have never sought help before
  • They don’t want to feel infringed upon

Most concerns align with the idea that having a business advisor is akin to handing over the keys to the castle. Working with Hillcrest Finance, this is never the case, as our advisors work alongside your team rather than interfere with existing structures.

Business advisory services near me

Hillcrest Finance is helping throughout the UK who are benefiting from dedicated advisory services. If you’d like to speak with an advisor and learn more, you can call us directly on 0141 478 0862.

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