Debt Arrangement

Only available in Scotland, a Debt Arrangement Scheme allows you to repay your debts at an affordable monthly rate with no contact from creditors.

A Debt Arrangement Scheme is managed by a DAS administrator and how long your arrangement lasts depends on the amount of debt that you owe.

Advantages of a Debt Arrangement Scheme

  • You will only make a single monthly payment, based on what you can afford.
  • Entering a DAS will protect you from companies issuing demands or threatening court action against you.
  • The DAS will guarantee to freeze all interest and charges on the debts included once approved.
  • You can apply for a payment holiday of up to six months should you find it difficult to pay.
  • A DAS is a flexible arrangement which means if your circumstances change you could be able to vary your payment amount to make it more affordable – or to pay it off quicker if your situation allows.
  • Creditors who don’t accept the proposals can be forced to comply with the arrangement if it’s deemed to be ‘fair and reasonable’.

Disadvantages of a Debt Arrangement Scheme


  • Your credit rating may be affected.
  • If you don’t comply with the conditions then your DAS could be revoked. This means companies can then pursue legal action against you.
  • No debt is written off, you only get relief from interest and charges.
  • It could take longer to pay off your debts than with other solutions.

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The Money Advice Service is an impartial service set up by the Government. They provide free debt counselling, debt adjustment and credit information services.


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