Administration Order

An Administration Order is a legally binding agreement that has been issued by a county court.

An application is made to your local country court who will make the decision on whether to grant your order. If it is, all creditors are declared on the application and are notified. One monthly payment is then paid to your local court which is then paid out to those you own money to.

An Administration Order is added to the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines, where it will be visible for six years.

Advantages of an Administration Order

  • One monthly payment is easier to manage that multiple payments
  • Creditors cannot take any action against you without permission from the court.

Disadvantages of an Administration Order

  • An Administration Order is only available for those who have at least one court judgement against them and have under £5000 of debt.
  • Not making payments could make the court applying an ‘attachment of earnings order,’ which will allow them to cancel your arrangements or take the money from your wages.
  • There are costs payable of up to 10% of your debt levels.

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